Lonely Wives (1931) | Full Movie | Edward Everett Horton | Esther Ralston | Laura La Plante

Watch Lonely Wives (1931) Full Movie on The Film Detective. Lonely Wives is the comical story of a husband who hires a lookalike to fill his place and fool his mother-in-law while he messes around with another woman. But how long can the ruse last? Featuring a superb cast that includes Edward Everett Horton, Esther … Read more

Lonely Wives (1931) [Comedy]

Lonely Wives is a 1931 American comedy film directed by Russell Mack and starring Edward Everett Horton, Esther Ralston, and Laura La Plante. Edward Everett Horton plays Richard “Dickie” Smith, a respectable defence lawyer, for murder cases, who turns into an unfettered Don Juan, after the clock strikes 8 o’clock, in this Pre-Hays Code comedy. … Read more