The 11 Best Free Movies On YouTube Right Now

We live in a time when streaming services are dominating the TV landscape. Streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime are not only providing abundant content for relaxing binge-watching days, but they are also producing original content and shining new light on classic movies and hidden gems.

Even though YouTube many not be your first thought when planning a movie night with your friends and family, the social media platform actually has great movies that are available for free.

We are talking Oscar-nominated movies and classic action and sci-fi flicks. Here are the 11 best free movies on YouTube right now.

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Big Trouble in Little China | 0:00
The Terminator | 1:18
The Color of Money | 2:18
Let Me In | 3:21
Stargate | 4:27
Slumdog Millionaire | 5:40
Super Size Me | 6:49
Moulin Rouge! | 7:32
Ghost in the Shell | 8:34
Traitor | 9:44
The Cutting Edge | 10:50

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