The Best Older Lifetime Movies! / LMN Movies / Things to Watch During Lockdown

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Movie list STARTS at 2:14

edit: wow, my ending got cut off due to a storage issue, so I’m gonna just add a little part two rather than reuploading this massive thing. Thanks for understanding.

I know I’m all over the place with this, but these movies are compelling to me, and they usually have some sort of moral or fight for justice, or they’re at least a warning of things to look out for and avoid. If you like them as much as me, here are the full movies mentioned, with a few exceptions that are no longer available on this platform.

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1. Moment of Truth: Stalking Back:

2. Eye of the Stalker:

3. Stalking Laura:

4. Moment of Truth: Broken Silence:

5. Stand Against Fear:

6. Someone to Love Me:

7. A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story:

8. Maternal Instincts:

9. She Woke Up Pregnant:

10. Freshman Fall: This one is on YT but the quality is HORRIBLE. Zooming in an out and weird music. But last time I checked it was on Prime Video!!

11. Dangerous Intentions:

12. Mother May I Sleep with Danger? :

13. Obsessed (1992):


“Oh, I’m getting chills. If this was a Lifetime Moment of Truth movie, this would be our act break.”- Tobias Fünke


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