The Best TV Shows 2022

Well, here’s my round-up of my favorite TV shows of 2022. I haven’t watched everything that came out this year yet so let me know what I absolutely need to catch up on. I’ll have another video about the worst/most disappointing shows of the year as well…soon! Be sure to like and subscribe and thanks so much for watching! (P.S. Some minor spoilers for White Lotus Season 2 sorry! Feel free to skip that part!)

Worst Shows Video:


Better Call Saul (AMC) 1:07
Vox Machina (Amazon Prime) 2:39
Yellowjackets (Showtime) 4:00
Severance (Apple TV) 6:16
House Of The Dragon (HBO) 7:53
Andor (Disney Plus) 9:40
Raised By Wolves (11:51)
The White Lotus (14:31)

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