The Head of the Jury of Amman Film Industry Days (AFID), Hady Zaccak

The Head of the Jury of Amman Film Industry Days (AFID), Hady Zaccak, commenting on the projects that were submitted for the two pitching platforms: Jordanian projects in development and Arab projects in post-production.

Hady Zaccak is a Lebanese award-winning filmmaker and a professor at the Institute for Theater, Audiovisual and Cinematographic Studies film school (IESAV), St. Joseph University – Beirut. He directed more than 20 documentaries. His selective filmography includes: “Ya Omri” (104 wrinkles), winner of the Jury Award Malmo Arab Film Festival of Sweden in 2017; “Kamal Joumblatt, Witness and Martyr”, winner of the Francophone Trophy for the best documentary in 2016; “Marcedes”, FIPRESCI Award at f the Dubai International Film Festival in 2011; “A History Lesson”, 1st prize winner at the Arab Film Festival of Rotterdam in 2010; “Refugees for Life” in 2006. In 1997, he wrote a book in French about the history of Lebanese cinema: “Le Cinéma Libanais, itinéraire d’un cinéma vers l’inconnu (1929-1996)”.


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