The Influence Of Anime On The Film Industry

Anime has inspired so many different types of media movies, tv shows like stranger things, cartoons like avatar the last air bender, music like Kanye west’s stronger music video, video games, like elden ring or genshin impact, etc so i decided to create this series deep diving into different examples of how anime influenced different types of media start with movies Which will give you both examples of really cool examples of influence and in the case of Satoshi Kons work Ones that might make you question the line between influence and plagiarism Hope you like it smooches love you

kill bill
Clash of titans
Scott pilgrim vs the world
Pacific rim
The matrix
Requiem for a dream
Black swan
Saint seiya
Afro samurai
Ultra man
Ghost in the shell
Perfect blue

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00:00 – For The Fit
00:21 – Your Poopy Boi
00:45 – The Influence Of Anime
02:19 – Terminator 2 and Akira
03:24 – Clash of Titans and Saint Seiya
04:46 – Scott Pilgrim and A lot of Stuff
05:44 – Pacific Rim and Giant Robot Genre
06:14 – Chronicle and Akira
07:18 – The Matrix and Ghost In The Shell
09:08 – Mid Bump
9:20 – RIP Satoshi Kon
10:27 – Inception and Paprika
12:25 – Requiem and Perfect Blue and Also Black Swan
15:14 – How I Feel and Question For You
16:23 – Outro
16:57 – Outro Bump
17:24 – See Ya

Songs Used
The Alchemist – No Idea Is Original
Akira Soundtrack – Kaneda
Saint Seiya ost III – Saint Of Hope
Scott Pilgrim Game ost – Just Like In The Movies
Evangelion Opening
Akira Soundtrack – Tetsuo
Ghost In The Shell Soundtrack – Making A Cyborg
Susumu Hirasawa – Girl In Byakkoya
Susumu Hirasawa – A Drop Filled With Memories
Perfect Blue ost – Cherish Those Memories
Perfect Blue ost – Angel Of Love

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here are some sources for research if you wish to learn more or just check me on my monkey brain takes lol,bodies%20of%20an%20alien%20species.

Making A Nuclear Apocalypse: How The Iconic Sequence In ‘Terminator 2’ Was Created

anime famo,and%20Steven%20Spielberg%20among%20its


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