The Voice in the Hollow: A Filmmaking Journey in Unreal 5 [Ep. 16]

The Voice in the Hollow: A Filmmaking Journey in Unreal 5 [Ep. 16]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make a short film using Unreal Engine? Join Gnomon instructors and filmmakers Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma every Friday for their livestream series “The Voice in the Hollow: A Filmmaking Journey in Unreal 5!”

The duo gives a week-by-week breakdown of the ongoing production of their short film, sharing the progress they’ve made and providing live updates. Viewers will learn about the real-time 3D tool, see clips from the film, and gain an understanding of how the creative process blends with learning a new software. Even if you’re not an Unreal expert, come hang with two amazing artists and get inspired!

“The Voice in the Hollow” streams every Friday from 1-3pm PDT on the Gnomon Twitch and YouTube channels. If you’re new to the series, catch up on previous episodes on our YouTube playlists.

Events with closed captioning are available via Gnomon Facebook Page.

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