Top 10 Older Man – Younger Woman Romance Movies

If you want to see romantic relationships between older men and younger women you should definitely watch our picks for the best older man – younger woman romance movies.

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Movies in this Ranking:
10. Liberal Arts (2012): (00:32)
9. The Hot Spot (1990): (01:31)
8. Breathe In (2013): (02:26)
7. One Wild Moment (2015): (03:23)
6. The Girl in the Café (2005): (04:19)
5. Elegy (2008): (05:19)
4. Secretary (2002): (06:17)
3. Copenhagen (2014): (07:15)
2. An Education (2009): (08:13)
1. Lost in Translation (2003): (09:59)

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