Top 50 Hottest Actresses of All Time The Ultimate List. #hollywood #movies #actress

Just as James Brown memorably said, “Tt’s a man’s world, but it don’t mean nothing without a woman or a girl.” This is especially true in the cinematic world. Female roles have become stronger and stronger in recent years, and Hollywood currently has a bombardment of talented actresses who continue to light up the screen. It certainly helps that most of these actresses are absolutely stunning in the looks department. Here I have compiled a list of women at the top of their game, who have either dominated cinema in recent years or who are set to do so in later years. The fact that they are all very beautiful is merely a coincidence, though it’s certainly a happy one.

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00:00 Intro
0:12 Keira Knightley
0:22 Olga Kurylenko
0:35 Emilia Clarke
0:45 Hayden Panettiere
0:54 Blake Lively
1:04 Natalie Portman
1:17 Amber Heard
1:29 Minka Kelly
1:41 Reese Witherspoon
1:51 Isabel Lucas
2:03 Marilyn Monroe
2:15 Elizabeth Banks
2:28 Shannon Elizabeth
2:38 Evan Rachel Wood
2:49 Laura Vandervoort
2:59 Kelly Carlson
3:09 Gemma Atkinson
3:19 Kristen Bell
3:30 Arielle Kebbel
3:42 Zooey Deschanel
3:50 Maggie Grace
4:02 Amy Adams
4:13 Isla Fisher
4:24 Nicole Kidman
4:36 Rachel McAdams
4:46 Sarah Hyland
4:58 Sofía Vergara
5:11 Diane Kruger
5:22 Kate Hudson
5:32 Serinda Swan
5:44 Jennifer Love Hewitt
5:56 Lacey Chabert
6:06 Penélope Cruz
6:18 Elisha Cuthbert
6:31 Allison Williams
6:44 Yvonne Strahovski
6:55 Malin Akerman
7:05 Brooklyn Decker
7:16 Eva Mendes
7:28 Olivia Wilde
7:40 Charlize Theron
7:51 Jessica Alba
8:02 Kate Beckinsale
8:14 Mila Kunis
8:24 Jennifer Aniston
8:34 Angelina Jolie
8:48 Jessica Biel
8:56 Megan Fox
9:09 Kate Upton
9:24 Scarlett Johansson
9:37 Outro


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