Why Ben Shapiro has so many TERRIBLE Movie Takes

Ben Shapiro went viral over the Holidays due to a review of Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion. He complained that the movie spent too much time setting up a misdirect and used to many tropes from the genre. It seems to many he kinda missed the point. He also then complained about the alleged lazy liberal politics which basically hurt his feelings.

But Ben Shapiro has a long history of pretty terrible movie takes. It is of course fine not to like any entertainment product, but the reasons Ben Shapiro gives for not liking things are often very weird.

In the video we also contrast what Ben’s sees as negatives in film versus what he actually included in his own work, especially his political thriller novels.

.00:00:00 – Ben Shapiro’s Movie Reviews
00:02:30 – You Don’t Have to like things that are popular
00:04:37 – Ben Shapiro Reviews Glass Onion
00:10:28 – Ben Shapiro is a failed Hollywood Screenwriter
00:14:01 – Ben Shapiro’s bad Political Thriller
00:21:30 – MORE Terrible Film reviews by Ben Shapiro
00:28:50 – Ben Shapiro Likes The Rise of Skywalker

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