Why do OLDER movies look BETTER in 4K? | The Movie Vault

I’m going to discuss in this video why older movies look better in 4K? Using my 18+ years experience as a cinema Projectionist, working with these films formats, and as a movie collector, I will explain the process involved in a 4K restoration, from film to 4K, and how movies shot on film will ultimately look better than movies shot digitally when transferred to 4K UHD Blu Ray disc. Enjoy, Like, Share & Subscribe!

0:00 Intro
1:00 Film Formats
2:34 Restoration Process
5:37 Movies shot on 16mm
7:20 Movies shot on 35mm
8:24 Movies shot on 70mm and IMAX
9:27 Movies shot Digitally
11:05 2K is not 4K
11:54 How does this affect collectors?
14:48 Find out how a movie was shot?
15:24 Wrap Up / Outro

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