Worst Movies of 2022

Now that the year of 2022 has come to a complete stop, Awfully Good Movies is counting down the top 10 movies you JoBlo readers helped to pick as the worst movies of 2022!

This year, we have a plentiful amount of iconic movie monsters who should have all known terribly better, from Michael Myers’ bloody ending to Leatherface’s latest massacre. We’ve got everything from Creepers feasting on human flesh to dinosaurs feasting on…well, the exact same thing. If a fire starting little girl doesn’t spook the life out of you, perhaps’ Robert Zemeckis’ dead eyed wooden boy will send shivers down your spine. And on top of all of that, we’ve got to deal with COVID over in THE BUBBLE and the end of the world as Roland Emmerich (once again) knows it in MOONFALL.

But thank God there are still heroic monsters to carry us through these tumultuous times, even if Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman Munster and Jared Leto as Morbius the Morbing Morpire are questionable casting choices for the neck bolts and vampire teeth, respectively. Let us hope things are just a bit easier in 2023 for all of Hollywood, and all of us viewers who have to suffer through their plentiful spoils. Happy Morbing New Year to us all!

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