WoW TBC Classic: Ultimate Resistance Gear Raiding Guide

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All the major boss fights you’ll face in TBC Classic that will require some or a lot of resistance gear. Some of these bosses will require the entire guild to contribute towards crafting the items because they are going to be very pricey because of high demand, so make sure you prepare sooner rather than later!

00:00 Intro
00:23 Resistance Gear in TBC vs Vanilla
1:06 Phase 1
1:54 Hydross the Unstable
5:13 Leotheras the Blind
6:45 High Astromancer Solarian
7:58 Kaz’rogal
9:27 Mother Shahraz
10:37 Illidan Stormrage
11:21 Kalecgos
12:12 Felmyst
12:54 Outro

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