X-Rated! Vintage Sex Films of Vinegar Syndrome!

Here are all the X-rated films I have in my collection from Vinegar Syndrome! #Malabimba, The Naughty Victorians, Let My Puppets come, The Vixens of Kung-Fu, Nine Lives of Wet Pussy, #SexWorld, Furies Sexuelles, Summer Camp Girls, Taxi Girls, Indecent Exposure, Frat House, The Thousand And One Erotic Nights

00:00 Malabimba
02:40 The Naughty Victorians
04:20 Let My Puppets come
05:10 The Vixens of Kung-Fu
08:34 Nine Lives of Wet Pussy
10:53 SexWorld
12:40 Furies Sexuelles
13:40 Summer Camp Girls
14:30 Taxi Girls
15:09 Indecent Exposure
15:55 Frat House
16:50 The Thousand And One Erotic Nights

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