Roblox Horror – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Horror games have been going on a strange path as of late. With a big niche of the subculture being heavily focused on making colorful, corrupted mascots to market towards a demographic of children. Officially made games have been doing this for years now, but one side of the coin I so foolishly neglected in … Read more

Beyond Closed Doors | Fantasy Short Film by Yoni Azulay | (2022) | Award Winning

Two roommates (Ines Høysæter Asserson & Sidney RoseAnn White) settle their differences after getting stuck on the wrong side of a magical teleporting door. —– Semi-Finalist – 2022 Flicker’s Rhode Island International Film Festival Semi-Finalist – 2022 Prague International Indie Film Festival Official Selection – 2022 Junk Dump Film Festival —– Directed by Yoni Azulay … Read more

when you see the Squid Game Guards outside your house, Lock your doors and RUN! (They want to Play)

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Bow Activated Gravel Doors in Minecraft PE

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Behind Office Doors (1931) | Full Movie | Mary Astor, Robert Ames, Ricardo Cortez

Watch Behind Office Doors (1931) Full Movie on The Film Detective. Mary Astor heads the cast in this tale of workplace intrigue and romance. She plays Mary Linden, the unrecognized brains behind successful executive James Duneen, played by Robert Ames. A rival (Ricardo Cortez) is interested in hiring her away from Duneen, but Mary only … Read more

Behind Office Doors (1931)

Directed by Melville W. Brown Written by Carey Wilson (screenplay), J. Walter Ruben (adaptation and dialogue) Starring Mary Astor, Robert Ames, Ricardo Cortez Distributed by RKO Radio Pictures Mary Linden is the secretary who is the unheralded power behind successful executive James Duneen. He takes her for granted until rival Wales tries to take her … Read more

Behind Office Doors 1931pre-code

Behind Office Doors is a 1931 pre-Code American drama film directed by Melville W. Brown, from a screenplay by Carey Wilson and J. Walter Ruben, based on Alan Schultz’s 1929 novel, Private Secretary. It starred Mary Astor, Robert Ames and Ricardo Cortez, and revolved around the premise of “the woman behind the man”. While not … Read more

Behind Office Doors (31)…good print…no ads…pre-code…ASTOR, CORTEZ, AMES, dir M. BROWN

A not-bad rom-dram — not great, but not bad ….. Triangle in which charming gadabout (Cortez) pursues a savvy secretary (Astor) who is busily working to advance the career of a colleague (Ames) she loves. ….. Drags a little, and Ames is a bit grating. But Astor *shines*; Kitty Kelly (the wry roommate) is a … Read more