SF: R.I.P. Old R.Mika Moves

Grab a tissue as we wave a teary goodbye to R.Mika’s old moves :'( To summarize: Running grab gone. Command grab replaced by 2 others (half circle motion rather than 360 now). Crouching grab gone. 2 air grabs + air command grab gone but semi-replaced by AA grab. Flying peach (bouncing butt splash) gone. Command … Read more

The Gentleman Movie Review | Classic Guy Ritchie is back!

Guy Ritchie can do these type of films in his sleep so its not surprising that The Gentleman is an excellent film top to bottom. A simple story with the usual Guy … source

A Scandal in Paris

A suave jewel thief will try to rob the vault of the Bank of Paris and woo the daughter of the French Minister of Police. But will he stay a thief? source